About Us

NexGen Turf Research

NexGen Turf Research is dedicated to producing cool season turf grasses that fit a variety of marketing needs. Our goal is to address the needs of the consumer. NexGen strives to build cultivars that require less water, fewer chemical applications and less frequent mowing.

The NexGen Turf Research facility has 2.5 acres of turf land and 135 acres of field trials in two locations within the Willamette Valley. This facility was designed for research and development of varieties. NexGen is equipped with greenhouses, warehouses, laboratory facilities, seed cleaning equipment, a rain-out shelter and disease chambers. Research is done using turf, single plant and seed selections.

NexGen Turf Research has turf plots in locations across the United States, trialing is conducted using University systems and private enterprises.

Our team of thirteen full-time employees is headed up by Kenneth Hignight, Director of Research. Kenneth received a B.S. from Tarleton State University in Plant and Soil Sciences and a M.S. from Texas A & M in Plant Breeding. Kenneth has been employed by NexGen Turf Research since 1990. Prior to that he worked at the Texas Agriculture Experiment Station from 1981-1988 and was employed by the USDA from 1988-1989. Kenneth’s focus of work at NexGen is to improve turf-type cultivars of tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, and fine fescues. Areas of study include drought, disease resistance, and turf quality. Turf trials have been established across the United States for evaluation of varieties.

NexGen Seeds West

GH talk 3NexGen’s purpose is to generate and disseminate knowledge, training, and education by a multidisciplinary research program that supports the turfgrass industry. The central theme for turfgrass research at NexGen Seeds West encompasses germplasm enhancement and collaborative efforts with University programs. The goal of NexGen Seed West is to build bermudagrass cultivars that require fewer inputs. This is achieved by designing and conducting research to maximize results and efficiency in areas of turf quality, seed yield, drought, shade, and salt tolerance. This enables NexGen the ability to provide its customers a broad and competitive product portfolio